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Digital Transformation of Healthcare

11 July 2023 - 2:00 pm to 21 July 2023 - 4:00 pm

Online event   11, 13, 18, 20, and 21 July 2023, 1400-1600Hrs Central Africa Time

Companies powered by digital technology are emerging daily and profoundly transforming the landscape of every industry. Healthcare providers must adopt technology and innovation mindsets as well as learn to self-disrupt if they want to survive and thrive.

This program offers a unique platform for learning how to adapt and evolve business practices and processes for long-term growth and competitiveness using digital technology. It connects participants with companies, successful startups and experts at the forefront of digital innovation in Africa, giving them first-hand expertise, inspiration, and contacts to spearhead their own innovation initiatives.

Why Attend
1. Gain real-world knowledge to advance your career and your business
2. Learn new skills and viewpoints from industry leaders and innovators
3. Discover new and emerging products, services and solutions
4. Discover the innovations, trends, technology, and business models impacting your industry
5. Boost your career with a globally recognized certificate from Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA (subject to confirmation)

Target Audience
Decision makers and key personnel who want to stay relevant and thrive in today’s complex, uncertain and rapidly changing digital environment such as:
C-Suite Executives  Directors  Chiefs-of-Staff  Startup Founders  Hospital Administrators  Dentists  Doctors  Heads of Department  Managers  Team Leaders  Venture Capitalists  Medical Directors  Pharmacists
Specialists in standard business functions, product management, marketing, analytics, business architecture, customer experience, etc

1. Discover the biggest trends and emerging technologies defining the future of healthcare
2. Understand how to incorporate digital into your business strategy
3. Learn how to use new digital business models to improve and enrich your current operation
4. Use a data-driven business transformation framework to prioritize use cases as well as enable fact-based decision-making during and after implementation
5. Determine the essential digital capabilities you need to maximize your outcomes
6. Connect to Africa’s innovation ecosystem including key technology companies, promising startups, leading experts and sources of funding
7. Learn how to exploit startups, ecosystems, freelance experts, venture capital and other external resources to de-risk your innovation initiatives and drive growth

Live online using a virtual conference tool
10 hours held over 5 days at 2 hours per day
All sessions are conducted 1400Hrs – 1600Hrs Central Africa Time
Interactive sessions with direct Q ‘n A
Access after the event to a private Facebook group designed for delegates


NB: Final list of topics (up to 4 per day) is subject to confirmation by participating speakers and companies

Day 1. Major Trends in Heathcare Technology in Africa   Tuesday 11 July 2023, 1400-1600Hrs CAT

Discover the innovations, trends, technology, and business models impacting the healthcare industry

Context Topics  – Final list of up to 4 topics is subject to confirmation by participating speakers and companies
The rise of technology and its impact on Africa’s healthcare industry
Understanding key roles and players, as well as the strategic role of partnerships in the healthtech ecosystem
Africa’s healthtech landscape today and how it is evolving
How changing consumer behavior and increasing expectations are fueling innovation
Implications of emerging technologies on the future of healthcare
Why and how the healthcare industry has to transform
How cloud computing is a key enabler of innovation in healthcare
Why data-driven decision-making is the critical
Harnessing Africa’s socioeconomic and demographic trends to serve new markets
Where venture capitalists are investing and their expectations for the next 12-24 months
The state of healthcare technology innovation, current issues and obstacles, and the particular steps stakeholders should take
Towards making digital healthcare mainstream
How digital identity solutions are enabling healthcare inclusion
The threats and opportunities of healthcare technology for established healthcare providers

Day 2. Key Technology Enablers   Thursday 13 July 2023, 1400-1600Hrs CAT

Learn how the latest technologies create new value and enable strategic business goals

Context Topics  – Final list of up to 4 topics is subject to confirmation by participating speakers and companies
Using computer vision, AI and automation to convert paper-based records into digital format
Using analytics, machine learning and AI to turn data into actionable insights
Assessing the most promising blockchain use cases for the healthcare industry
Emerging use cases and potential for immersive technologies
How generative AI could revolutionize various verticals in the healthcare industry
Applying generative AI to optimize business processes in healthcare institutions
Using AI, chatbots, RPA, and other technologies to create modern customer experiences and employee experiences
How APIs & microservices enable transformation in healthcare
Understanding the technology stacks modernizing legacy architectures
Building robust cybersecurity to establish the groundwork for safe innovation and to protect patient data
Leveraging cloud computing as a key enabler of healthcare services innovation
Using low-code/no-code platforms to create applications faster and more economically
Detecting fraud rings and bot attacks with AI & machine learning
Applying text analytics for KYC, fraud detection and building better customer relations
Transforming clinical research by using smart devices, telehealth visits and sensors to conduct decentralized trials
Improving healthcare outcomes using connected, wearable technology
Using data science to deliver more accurate diagnoses and better treatment planning based on data-driven insight

Day 3. Consumer Driven Innovation   Tuesday 18 July 2023, 1400-1600Hrs CAT

Learn how to use new technologies to build impactful patient-facing healthcare solutions

Context Topics  – Final list of up to 4 topics is subject to confirmation by participating speakers and companies
Using emerging technology to drive affordable behavioral healthcare
How new technologies are transforming healthcare insurance, wellness and mental health
Creating a data-driven employee healthcare program that supports the financial success of the business
Promoting mental, physical and spiritual well-being using wearable devices and online booking platforms
Transforming mental healthcare through digital therapies and patient monitoring technologies
Using wearable technology and AI to monitor healthcare indicators, match patients with therapies and specialists, and lower insurance rates
Promoting self-health by providing clear instructions and touchpoints
Improving patient engagement through connected care
Using telehealth technology to give patients more options for engaging with healthcare professionals
Employing AI to provide personalized, evidence-based care with clinical decision support solutions
Using real-world data to identify determinants of health to build predictive, preventative, and personalized care
Lowering KYC and onboarding costs with decentralized identity and verifiable credential solutions
Using Digital Public Goods to build inclusive healthcare

Day 4. Digital Solutions to Combat Global Diseases   Thursday 20 July 2023, 1400-1600Hrs CAT

Discover how innovators are integrating emerging technologies to cure global health conditions

Context Topics  – Final list of up to 4 topics is subject to confirmation by participating speakers and companies
Using technological innovation to help people with disabilities
Applying digital technology to help understand neurodegenerative disorders
Using gamified approaches to help people with autism
Improving the cognitive capabilities of people with Down Syndrome
Smart monitoring and preventive treatment of heart conditions
Using digital to help patients manage diabetes
Minimizing the effects of aging
Algorithm-driven program for managing chronic low back pain
How digital is advancing personalized vaccines, cell therapy and gene editing
Solutions to improve attention function in children with hyperactivity disorder

Day 5. Digital Strategy and Transformation   Friday 21 July 2023, 1400-1600Hrs CAT

Learn the actionable steps to successfully lead digital transformation in healthcare

Context Topics  – Final list of up to 4 topics is subject to confirmation by participating speakers and companies
Understanding the key steps to master digital transformation and become a digital hospital, pharmacy or insurer
Building the right culture, governance, and partnerships for effective and sustained business transformation
Increasing operational effectiveness in corporate support functions with AI, robotic process automation and other technologies
Key elements of a successful digital transformation strategy
Why partnerships are critical and how to build effective relationships
How to prioritize human outcomes and enhance employee impact through technology
Scaling-up with data-driven content
Agile and lean techniques to drive successful digital transformation
Agile and lean techniques to drive successful digital transformation
Getting change management right for effective digital transformation
Understanding ethics and regulatory compliance and turning them to opportunities for growth
Key skills to execute on a digital transformation agenda and operate effectively in digital, data-driven environments
Implementing internal programs and outward-facing programs to accelerate corporate innovation
Using design thinking to create ground-breaking solutions and new business models
Exploiting smart resources such as innovation ecosystems, industry platforms, freelance experts, leveraged assets and workforce on demand
How to work with startups to secure tech-savvy talent and maximize return-on-investment while minimizing risk exposure
Insights on technology investment: Approach, impact, lessons learnt, return-on-investment
Lessons in digital innovation from a traditional healthcare institution
Actionable advice on founding and scaling a global healthtech
Managing the integration of new technology with legacy systems to get over major obstacles to technology adoption
Using digital to stay resilient in the face of economic downturn, rising costs and falling valuations
Building a culture of innovation through the use of employee engagement and culture-building applications
Enabling data-driven decision-making from the waiting room to the boardroom
Transitioning towards value-based payments to encourage digital innovation
Transforming the commercial healthcare value chain using emerging technologies and digital tools
Striking a profitable balance between automation and human labor
Using technology to improve the hospital experience for those administering and receiving healthcare
Creating smartphone applications for convenient, economical, and accessible healthcare delivery
The impact on healthcare of innovations in insurance, banking, transportation, and other industries

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11 July 2023 - 2:00 pm
21 July 2023 - 4:00 pm


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Live online using a virtual conference tool
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