Advance Your Career in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

As organizations increasingly adopt artificial intelligence in their operations, the demand for experts who are able to solve complex business problems and create business value using AI has become critical.

These web pages are dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds build the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success with AI. Everyone is welcome - CxOs, directors, HoDs, team leaders, lawyers, business analysts, accountants, engineers, marketers, sales, human resources officers, operations staff, product developers, product managers, technicians, risk managers, buyers, quality controllers, manufacturing planners, auditors, project managers, economists, etc.

No prior knowledge of data science, coding or advanced mathematics is required.

Content is delivered in bite-sized tutorials so that learners can easily fit it into their busy daily schedules.

Learners are encouraged to check this site frequently as new content is added regularly.

Start learning now!

1. Identify AI opportunities for your organization
2. Turn AI project ideas into detailed specifications and plans
3. Master the end-to-end machine learning process
4. Understand and handle ethical issues associated with an AI project
  1. No code, no math
  2. Bite-sized tutorials
  3. Hands-on labs on AI platforms
  4. Demonstrations
  5. Frameworks
  6. Examples of AI use cases
  7. Quizzes
  8. In-person or onsite courses
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1. Understanding business AI
2. Identifying opportunities for AI
3. Framing AI problems
4. Working with data
5. Building, explaining and validating AI models
6. Important algorithms
7. Ethics in AI
8. Deploying AI models
9. Statistics and probability

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