Leverage our ecosystem of in-house capabilities, proprietary solutions, alliances with major technology companies, and a network of experts with real-life work experience and a proven success track record from around the world to solve complex digital business challenges and implement your transformation agenda.

We provide advisory and implementation services in innovation areas including strategy development, product design, digital transformation, innovation culture, new business models, customer experience, technology evaluation, market assessment, corporate innovation, design thinking, talent management, and business support transformation, as well as core technology areas such as data and analytics, automation, digital workplace, the Internet-of-Things, cybersecurity, cloud computing, application modernization, Internet and connectivity, and emerging technologies.



Work with our experts to realize your digital initiatives and programs: vision, identify, specify and prioritize opportunities, determine high-value use cases, pinpoint low-hanging fruit, define required enabling factors, and develop an action plan for strategy execution.


Get tailored advice on the technologies you need to embrace to stay ahead of disruption, expert guidance on where and how to apply different digital technologies to maximize business value, and help to quickly identify digital technology solutions to your challenges.


Let us bring your vision to life from proofs-of-concept to contained digital experiments to full transformation, engineering the solution, tracking progress, working on organizational change, managing existing digital operations, engaging stakeholders, and managing risk.


Educate and reskill your professionals, executives and teams with foundational knowledge, technical capabilities, and digital mindsets that drive measurable and sustained business transformation, delivered by experts working at the world's most innovative companies.



Get insights on new innovative companies and emerging technologies, and the actionable intelligence to identify them as emerging threats, or targets for investment or collaboration. Discover the technologies that will disrupt your industry and apply them today ahead of your competitors.


The program partners startups with innovation-hungry corporations to achieve significant business growth, product development and scale in a short space of time while helping the corporations take their businesses forward, starve off disruption and enter new markets.


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