Digital Skills Mentoring Program for Individuals and Teams in Africa


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15 October, 2020

SDscope Announces Digital Skills Mentoring Program for Individuals and Teams in Africa

Harare – SDscope today announced its digital skills mentoring program that helps individuals and teams in Africa develop goals and skills in digital technology and application through interactions with experienced and accomplished experts from around the world to empower the continent to harness the full potential of digital.

The program comprises flash mentoring, professional development and executive development covering all job levels, all job functions, all industries, all proficiency levels and both “techies” and business users

“Our mentors build or use the latest digital systems in some of the biggest organizations in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australasia and Africa. They share insights and hands-on experience that will take the careers of mentees and, by extension, operations of businesses in Africa to a whole new level very fast,” said Shepherd Fungayi, CEO of SDscope. “Mentees will be able to learn new skills and perspectives, build networks, validate their ideas, and get the reference points they need to get ahead in their careers.”

All mentoring is conducted by experts with first-hand experiences and hard-earned perspectives who guide mentees towards their goals series of personalized assignments, milestones, challenges and reviews. It is delivered in-person or online via any available technology through engagements that include one-on-one, multi-party with team members, use of experienced panel of trusted peers and experts, moderated session, and retreat.

“Pursuing development advice must be a continuous duty, not an exceptional task,” said Mr. Fungayi. “Even the topmost professional should assume that there are other great minds with the expertise to take them to the next level faster.”

The program is designed to attract only those mentors that genuinely want to help Africa, ensure Africans can get world class advice at reasonable pricing, and respect our mentors’ time and compensate them for it.

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Download the press release in PDF here.

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