A development program that enables professionals, executives and teams in Africa to develop goals and skills, and improve performance in the various areas of digital technology and application through a series of time-limited, confidential, one-on-one conversations and other learning activities with successful, experienced executives and digital experts from around the world who bring first-hand knowledge and hard-earned insights.


A tactical, one-time meeting or discussion that delivers knowledge or a skill to complete a specific task on an as-needed, no strings attached basis. Use cases include showing a mentee how to solve a difficult technical challenge, acting as a sounding board for ideas and strategies, giving clarity on the tools to implement a digital initiative.


A structured, personalized program that enables digital technology and application engineers and business users to build specific capabilities, mindsets, behaviors, and networks they need to achieve their professional aspirations. It is delivered by accomplished experts with first-hand knowledge and hard-earned insights who guide mentees towards success through a series of assignments, milestones, challenges and reviews.



Provides board members and senior executives opportunities to learn from peers from outside their immediate networks who deliver impartial criticism, support and validation of their digital strategies and decisions, help them build digital leadership capabilities, broaden their knowledge and perspectives, or expose them to ideas needed to drive transformation.


Online video or audio, in-person meetings, collaboration tools, plain old telephone call, or text messaging. One-on-one, multi-party with team members, experienced panel of trusted peers and experts, moderated sessions led by an expert with first-hand experience, retreat, full transcript or audio recording of the sessions.


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