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1. Tell us the goals and skills you want to develop, or the one-off goal you want to accomplish using the form below.
2. We suggest the top 1-5 experts who can help you reach your goals. You engage them in a shared workspace to clarify your requirement while assessing mentor-mentee fit. A shared workspace saves you time and effort answering the same question multiple times.
3. When your mentoring project is fully scoped and estimated we give you up to 3 prices - (1) $0 for hiring a mentor that has less than 3 reviews, (2) based on the average offer from all the mentors who estimated on the project and have 3-6 reviews, and (3) based on the average offer from all the mentors who estimated on the project and have more than 6 reviews - and the profiles of the mentors for each price. This eliminates undercutting and overpricing while ensuring you get the highest quality work.
NOTE: We operate on a “give first” pricing model that only allows mentors to charge for their sessions after they have received reviews from three different mentees, and to charge above $50 per hour after they have received reviews from six different mentees.
4. Select one mentor and deposit the total project fee in our escrow system before the project work starts. You can break bigger projects down into milestones that you can fund individually. We monitor the project to ensure quality and adherence to terms and conditions.
5. Mark the project as finished when it is done to your satisfaction and write a review of the mentoring experience. We release your payment to the mentor and close the project.


Total fee payable per mentee per mentoring project = subscription fee + mentor fee

Subscription fee
$20 per month, must be current to before you can select or access mentor

Mentor fee
See item 3 in section "Find mentor now" above
Some of our rated mentors provide services for free as a way of giving to the community, growing their reputation or keeping their skills up to date; so free does not mean weak or pathetic

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