Join our interactive events and learn from business executives from industry and experts from leading digital technology consulting firms and vendors in presentations and panels as they discuss digital technology and practices. Listen to different perspectives about the promises of digital and the challenges of making it a reality. Get case studies on how digital is being deployed today and learn about new technologies available for implementing effective digital solutions for business and society at large.



Tech Hangouts are interactive meetings for IT professionals and business users who want to understand the potential of digital, how to implement and support digital solutions and how to leverage digital in day-to-day work. They are held on the first Wednesday of each month and are streamed for those who cannot attend in person.

2019 Calendar - Click here for details of each event

Digital Transformation - 06 March 2019
Enterprise Mobility - 03 April 2019
Artificial Intelligence - 08 May 2019
Cloud Computing - 05 June 2019
Blockchain - 03 July 2019
Internet-of-Things - 07 August 2019
Data Science - 04 September 2019
Cybersecurity, Digital Ethics and Privacy - 02 October 2019
APIs - 06 November 2019
Immersive Experience - 04 December 2019
Top Digital Technology Trends for 2020 - 08 January 2020
Smart Spaces - 04 February 2020

Typical Agenda

17:30: Doors open. Registration. Meet fellow members.
18:00: Opening remarks. Introductions - topic and speakers.
18:05: Presentation
18:25: QnA
18:30: Panel discussion
18:50: QnA
19:00: Key takeaways. Closing remarks.
19:05: Networking
19:30: Doors close


Conferences are 1-day interactive workshops aimed at business executives and managers who want to learn the strategic, actionable steps to take to transform their organizations using digital and shift toward a digital culture for business growth and competitiveness.

2019 Calendar - Click here for details of each event

Cloud Computing - 26 March 2019, Harare
Enterprise Mobility - 14 May 2019, Harare
Digital Transformation - 09 July 2019, Harare
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence - 10 September 2019, Harare
Blockchain - 12 November 2019, Harare
Cybersecurity, Digital Ethics and Privacy - 14 January 2020, Harare

Typical Agenda

07:30: Doors open. Registration. Meet fellow members.
08:20: Opening remarks. Introductions - topic and speakers.
08:30: Presentations and QnAs
10:30: Tea break
10:45: Presentations, panel discussion and QnAs
13:00: Lunch break
14:00: Presentations and QnAs
15:00: Tea break and networking
15:30: Presentations, panel discussions and QnAs
16:50: Key takeaways and closing remarks
17:00: Networking
17:30: Doors close

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